Partnership in Sand (interactive)

steps in creating a PiS Project

The PiS printing method

The unique Sand-Media modification enables the Sand-Media laser printer to work with a disassembled thermic fuser. The image attached to the paper via a minus electrostatic charge is placed on the sand surface. The contact of the toner with the sand, brings about a transformation of the image to become embedded into the volatile mineral.

The architecture of PiS

The introductory state of the PiS projects is a grid of sand tablets which are carriers of layers of white sand in DIN A4 format. The blank white surface invites to print once own portrait and compose a background, made from carefully dispersed colored pigments.  The participants are invited to use the color powders as an adjoining process, one that brings the portrait print and the sand surface together.

The other, on the catwalk available group of tablets are the carpet sand prints. Sand-Media  offers a verity of patterns, which serve as backgrounds for the self portraits. The patterns symbolize different cultures from all over the world with their specific emblem.

hundred of "Sand Faces" creating one human landscape

“PiS 2016” Cologne, Düsseldorf, Aachen, Kreuzau, Essen, Düren

Sand-Media brings people together

PiS, when the I becomes a We

Once the placing of the “Sand-Face” in the the catwalk Stage is a completed, the participants are invited to take part in the diffusion of the A4 sand-format boarders. In this process the task is to tarnish the boundaries between each art piece, there by make the hundreds of “Sand-Faces” become one large patchwork-landscape. In this process, the work of an individual becomes transformed into a power tool of a community.

Deconstructing PiS (the final event)

Like in a “Mandala” ceremony, the PiS Installation ends with an event of the installation’s deconstruction. The portraits are dissolved and the sand is collected for further use in other PiS communities. The portrait’s energy leave the narrative state and moves to a form of abstraction embedded in the sand with the many other energy bundles of all prior projects. This recycling procedure enhances the idea of PiS being a place where the energy of all participant’s become one.