• Sand-Animation "Frame by Frame"

Video animation with the Sand-Media-Video method

The Sand-Media-Video Machine (SMVM).

Sand-Media’s third work-string is the Sand-Media-Video-Maschine (SMVM) concept. In this method a video sequence becomes dissected into a collection of single frames. Sand-Media uses this method in order to create drawings as personal visual commentaries on video sequences. After the introduction of drawings on each of the sand frames, all sand images become digitally captured, assembled and transformed via time-line application to become a playable Sand-Media-Film.

How the SMVM works

In the first step, the film material is read into the SMVM computer. The computer breaks down the film into individual frames laser printed on A4 transfer sheets. Using the Sand-Media printing process, the frames are then printed one after the other into prepared sand tablets. Manually or with the help of a conveyor belt, the sand prints are moved to the next station. Here the users have the possibility to interact with the sand frames, to edited and change them manually. The Sand-Media animation makers are able to introduce their traces introduce on each video frame, produce drawings on the sand surface, added pigments etc. The sand frames are then photographed again, lined up frame by frame in a timeline film application and then converted back into a playable video sequence.

Kurzvideos erstellt mit dem Sand-Media-Video Verfahren

©Sand-Media- Video  “Falke” 2005

©Sand-Media- Video  “Yoav” 2007

©Sand-Media- video installation “Audio Images”,WRO 2005

©Sand-Media- Video  “I understand, you understand ” WRO 2005

©Sand-Media- Video  “Handy caller”-60 Frames project  2006

©Sand-Media- Video  “The Prayer”-60 Frames project  2006