Only that which is transient is of value

Welcome to the web site of Sand-Media

This website surveys the work produced by Sand-Media in the past 5 years. The “Sand-Faces” visualized in the different pages of this website, are mostly portraits produced during one of my interactive “Partnership in Sand” (PiS) art installations.

Launching the PiS concept involves the use of a modified laser printer that enables the printing of images directly on ephemeral materials such as fine white quartz sand or white clay powder.

The idea behind my work is to use this technology in order to create interactive installations were the project participants are invited to print their own ephemeral portrait directly in sand.

In the past years PiS has produced some 17 installations. Each of these portrait patchwork blankets is a conglomerate of hundreds of “Sand-Face”s placed side by side on a catwalk stage.

The embedding of a “Sand-Face” is a personal contribution, implemented by the participants them selves. Each person has a face, a story to tell, a valuable roll to play in creating this large venerable installation.

Experiencing this event stitches people from different socioeconomic Background together into a one whole, brings about an understanding as to how the phenomenon of transcendency in the life of humans promotes different forms of pro-social collaborations.

The PiS concept is specifically developed as a tool to work in communities. We do that by staging a hands-on experience of a public oriented interaction surpassing the level of a theory and creating an engaging environment of companionship.

People of all colors, the rich and the poor, the natives an the immigrants each one is equally valuable, an indispensable member of our community. This preposition brings about an unconditional understanding, that our well-being is interdependent with the well-being of the others.

As a pro-social art tool, PiS pinpoints the phenomenon of human transcendency to be a home-base for all social and political organs responsible for the preservation of human values and basic rights. Within this understanding venerability becomes diverted into a source of inspiring strength, for communities to create environments which celebrate compassion and empathy.