Teppisch 1

Sand-Media uses sand as a surface to produce digital traces of human culture. The installations are designed to create haptic landscapes, that  situate digital traces in an ephemeral earth-related environment.

The Sand-Media process was developed over many years as a part of a Hewlett-Packard sponsorship program and in later years, in cooperation with the “Cologne University of Applied Sciences”. This collaborations brought about a professionalization of the printing processes to a degree that a printing on other volatile mineral was made possible.

The unique Sand-Media modification enables the toner pigments to be printed on paper without the usual thermic fusion fixing process. In the next stage the image attached via minus an electrostatic charge to the paper, is placed on the sand surface. The contact of the toner with the sand, promotes a transformation of the image to become mounted into the volatile mineral.

The next phase of the “Sand-Face” printing procedure is realized with the help of color pigments. the participants are invited to use the color powders as a “stitching” adjoining process of bringing  toner print and the sand surface together.

Sand-Media has developed solutions for different project tasks. One example is a method which enables a safe transportation by car of pressed sand images to the different installation environments.